Adventure Plus Triple Flea Protection for Cats, 9 lbs and Over, 4 Months, 4 Doses

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Adventure Plus Triple Flea Protection for Cats, 9 lbs and Over, 4 Months, 4 Doses




  • KILLS FLEAS ON CONTACT: Adventure Plus starts working minutes after applying, stopping fleas before they bite.
  • SAME EFFECTIVENESS AS ADVANTAGE II: The SAME amount of the SAME active ingredients delivering the SAME protection for a lot LESS!
  • TRIPLE FLEA PROTECTION: Effectively breaks the flea life cycle by killing all stages of fleas: Eggs, Larvae, and Adults.
  • WATERPROOF: Remains effective following a bath, exposure to rain or sunlight, and even after playing in the pool!
  • Adventure Plus for Cats is manufactured in the USA and EPA registered. MPD Direct is an authorized seller of Promika products.

Publisher: Promika

Details: Beware Illegal and Counterfeit Products!

Always look for a valid EPA registration number. To ensure the safety of our pets, manufacturers are required to register all flea and tick products with the Environmental Protection Agency for product safety verification. By law, this number must be displayed on the outside of every package. Because we only work with brands you can trust, our flea and tick products are registered with the EPA.

Benefits :

  • Adventure Plus offers fast relief from fleas. It starts working on contact and renders fleas unable to bite within 5 minutes.
  • Adventure Plus provides Triple Flea Protection: kills adults on contact, eliminates eggs to prevent re-infestation, and kills larvae to break the flea life cycle.
  • Adventure plus is water-resistant and remains effective following a bath, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight.

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